Meet Alice

From Long Island, 25 year old entrepreneur, Aliceia Persaud, also known as the brands notable "Alice", built her business from the ground up. She created her brand at the age of 24, when she noticed a number of people were consistently asking her about her clothes and where she shopped. Alice always had an interest in fashion and piecing different styles of clothing together but when she moved to Long Island City she had an urge to do something with her talent and began to design.

"I wanted to appeal to different women by designing and creating pieces of amazing quality, and not only be affordable, but easily accessible"

With the idea of creating an ultimate shopping experience, where women could feel undeniably confident in themselves when looking for new outfits, Alice decided that Elegant by Alice would offer free alteration services to all her clients, so the fit of her clothing would be crafted and sewn to truly fit anyone. 

"As the first black female/immigrant business owner on Steinway St, I feel like I have to be somewhat of a role model for young women like myself, I feel very motivated by my business and want others to see, as well as be apart of the journey that my brand is on"

With detailed, handmade, quality clothing, Alice and her team continue to make sure the EBA clientele is consistently satisfied. With a new collection on its way, and growing rapidly, Elegant by Alice, is on its way to becoming a household name.